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Subscription Plan
Features/Plans  Basic Silver  Gold  Platinum 
Sales Leads Tracking         
Account Management        
Sales Opportunity         
Contact Management         
Task Management
Basic Reporting
FloorEstimate Pro Estimating Tool (RETAIL Online Edition)    
Vendor B2B Catalog Download: (Shaw, Mohawk, Beaulieu, etc)    
Advanced Scheduling (email alert, repeated schedule, etc.)
Document Sharing
Support Ticket and Issue Tracking      
Installation Crew Scheduling (daily slot planning and allocation)  
Inventory Tracking (instock, out stock, transfer, search)    
Email Marketing & Campaign1  
Phone Tracking (in and out log, search; hardware and setup required2      
Plan Fees  Standard Silver  Gold  Platinum 
Up to 5 Users $99/month $149/month $199 /month $249 /month
Additional Users $20 /mo/user $25 /mo/user $30 /mo/user $30 /mo/user

1. There is a limit on number of emails to be sent daily and terms regarding anti-spamming and other rules will be enforced.

2. A hardware tracking modem box needs to be connected to the telephone switching box. FloorLink.net Phone Server Program needs to be installed on a computer in the local network, and client tracking program needs to be installed on each computer. Setup costs may occur during installation by a telephone specialist. There will be a cost for tracking modem box and FloorLink.net software depending on the number of phone lines to be tracked. Please call reps at 626-683-9188 for details on this feature. 

How to Sign Up?

Please print this subscription form with your company and billing information, fax back to 1-626-683-9699. We will set up your FloorLink.net account within one business day.

To speak to a customer representative, please call customer support hotline at 1-866-928-3326 (toll free) and 1-626-683-9188 (international), Monday-Friday 8AM - 5PM Pacific Time.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your subscription at anytime by calling customer support hotline at 1-866-928-3326 and 1-626-683-9188 (international). Please read the detailed service agreement.


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